How to upgrade lcms?

Rob stopspam at
Sun May 30 19:58:16 PDT 2004


lcms does not upgrade properly. It ends with an error (see below).

I had a look at the home page of lcms (
and it says somewhere on that page:

    Uninstall any previous version before trying to compile this new one.

Now this is a bit tricky. I have about 30 installed ports depending on
lcms (among which are most KDE ports). All those may get broken when I
uninstall lcsm and discover the new lcms port won't reinstall.....

Has anybody else trouble with upgrading lcms?



# cd /usr/ports/graphics/lcms
# make


cc -O -pipe -L/usr/local/lib -o .libs/testcms -L/usr/local/lib testcms.o ../src/.libs/ -lm  -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/usr/local/lib
creating testcms
little cms testbed. Ver 1.12 [build May 31 2004 11:46:42]

Testing fixed point: 2.8848960205 = 2.8848
                 0.437499269828536 = 0.4374
Testing fixed scaling...pass.
Testing curves join ...pass.
Testing reversing of curves ...
dE: mean=0.00477642, SD=0.00723409, max=0.171206  pass.
Testing linear interpolation ...pass. (43 tics)
Testing descending tables (linear interpolation)...pass.
Testing reverse linear interpolation
         on normal monotonic curve...pass.
         on degenerated curve ...pass.
Testing 3D interpolation on LUT...pass.
Testing virtual profiles (Emulating sRGB)...pass.
Testing profile decoding (sRGB)....because 5 != 0 on index 1
table dump follows:
0) 0
1) 5
2) A
3) F
4) 14
5) 19
6) 1E
7) 23
8) 28
9) 2D

so, Gamma curves mismatch!
*** Error code 1

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