Cyrille Lefevre clefevre-lists at 9online.fr
Sun May 30 17:12:23 PDT 2004

"Patrick Tracanelli" <eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br> wrote:
> Easy solution would be
> rc_conf_files="/etc/rc.conf /etc/rc.conf.local /usr/local/etc/rc.conf"
> into /etc/rc.conf, but it seems to be ignored by rc.subr when it's not
> at /etc/defaults/rc.conf;

just add the following line to the end of /etc/rc.conf.local after rc_conf_files
has been updated :


already read rc.conf files will be ignored (/etc/rc.conf /etc/rc.conf.local)
and the others (/usr/local/etc/rc.conf) will be read.

Cyrille Lefevre.
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