[kde-freebsd] x11/kde3: No kwifimanager or kwireless?

Aeefyu afu-subscribed-list at aeefyu.net
Wed May 26 18:50:41 PDT 2004

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 May 2004 11:32, Aeefyu wrote:

>>I keep bumping into references that both kwifimanager and/or kwireless
>>are integrated into the latest build of KDE (3.2).

>>Is there a switch to turn on the build for these? Or is it disabled for
>>KDE of FreeBSD?
> Those applications currently only support Linux systems and cannot be built on 
> FreeBSD.

Thanks for clearing it up for me :)
That's the consensus it seems from the replies I received for my post

Will look at other alternatives

Thanks again

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