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Tue May 25 09:05:18 PDT 2004


I hope I am going through the right channels for this. I've never
reported a bug in a port before, but thought I should be a good soldier
and share the information I received.

There seems to be a small problem with the scsh port involving the
library search path. I discovered this when I attempted to install the
orion window manager. I found a workaround, but asked the
scsh-users at what I was doing wrong. This is the reply I

The library search path of your scsh is configured to
("/usr/local/lib/scsh/modules") but to support the packaging proposal,
it should contain a directory that ends with the version of scsh, i.e.


You should file a bug report to the maintainer of the scsh
port. scsh's configure needs the argument


For the time being, simply set the environment variable SCSH_LIB_DIRS
to "/usr/local/lib/scsh/modules/0.6" using

setenv SCSH_LIB_DIRS '"/usr/local/lib/scsh/modules/0.6"'

for (t)csh or

export SCSH_LIB_DIRS='"/usr/local/lib/scsh/modules/0.6"'

for bash.

gasbichl at

Here is my original post:


I've successfully installed and run orion-0.2, but I've had to move
library files in order to get it installed and working.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Although it seems to be
working ok, I would like to install it cleanly and correctly.

Platform: FreeBSD4.9-RELEASE

1. Installed scsh0.6.6 from port

# portinstall -p scsh

2. Installed scsh-install-lib (scsh-install-lib-1.1.0.tar.gz)

# cd scsh-install-lib-1.1.0
# ./install.scm --prefix /usr/local/lib/scsh --bindir

3. Installed sunterlib-0.6

# cd sunterlib-0.6
# /usr/local/lib/scsh-install-pkg --prefix /usr/local/lib/scsh

4. Installed scx-0.2

# cd scx-0.2
# /usr/local/lib/scsh-install-pkg --prefix /usr/local/lib/scsh

5. Installed orion-0.2

# cd orion-0.2
# ./install.scm
        ERROR: Couldn't find library file

So I made a directory, "/usr/local/lib/scsh/modules" and then:
#cp -rf /usr/local/lib/scsh/0.6/load.scm /usr/local/lib/scsh/modules

Then orion-0.2 installs.

Then when I try to run it the first time, it complains about all the
other components missing. So I move all of them to the "modules"
directory as well.

Then it runs fine.

I thought maybe my "--prefix"'s were wrong during installation, but I
don't see how I could fix this since I didn't specify the "0.6"
subdirectory to begin with.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Duane Winner

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