Third "RFC" on on pkg-data ideas for ports

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon May 24 08:41:40 PDT 2004

At 5:26 PM +0200 5/24/04, Nicolas Rachinsky wrote:
>* Garance A Drosihn <drosih at> [2004-05-24 00:07 -0400]:
>>  The third proposal is basically:
>>      a) move most "standard" files into a new pkg-data
>>         file, as described in previous proposals, except
>>         for pkg-descr and "patch" files.
>>      b) create a new directory at the root directory of
>>         the ports collection.  That directory would be
>>         called "Patches", and inside would be a directory
>>         for each category.  Inside each Patches/category
>>         directory would be a single-file for each port
>>         in that category, where that single-file would
>>         have all the "ports-collection patches" for the
>>         matching port.
>I hoep I haven't missed something obvious, but what about local
>patches and Makefile.local? Will they continue to work?

Makefile.local should work as well as it currently does.

I do agree that whatever is done, any major changes will have to
continue to support local patches.  We haven't written any of the
patch-processing code yet so I can't say this is implemented,
but it is an item on our checklist of things we must do.

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