FreeBSD Port: lilypond-2.0.3

Patrick Atamaniuk atamaniuk-ports at
Mon May 24 08:27:27 PDT 2004

Hello lilypond community,

I am working on the patches hardly. Due to theft of my hardware i've to
start over on setting up my testbed, so i ask for a little patience.

Meanwhile you want to check out portrookies on, there is
available a beta-port for lilypond 2.2, untested though.

thank you for your notice,
Zbyn??k Burget(zburget at 11:01:37 +0000:
> Hi,
> I've one small question about port print/lilypond:
> I find, that at April 1 has been released lilypond 2.2.0 and May 3 
> lilypond 2.2.1 (Stable branch). In Devel branch is now lilypond rel. 2.3.1.
> When will be this new versions ported to FreeBSD?
> Thanks
> Zbynek Burget
> P.S.: Sorry for my English :-|


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