portupgrade and daemons.

Kay Lehmann kay_lehmann at web.de
Sun May 23 04:52:36 PDT 2004

Josef Karthauser wrote:
> A number of ports run daemons, such as postfix, which are started in
> /usr/local/tc/rc.d.  Portupgrade doesn't appear to know anything about
> these, and so it will quite happily attempt to upgrade a daemon that is
> still running.  Idealally it ought to DTRT, which I guess is some
> combination of shutdow the existing port down, upgrade it and then
> restart it.  There are some rudiments of knowledge about rc.d/ scripts
> built into the Mk subsystem so I wonder whether it's possible to hook
> into that in some way.
> Thoughts welcome.
> Joe

As far as I know this isn't the job of portupgrade. Normally it should 
be handeled by the port itself, which could stop daemons with 
appropriate set (de)install targets.
I think a lot of the ports do this quite properly. Moving this to Mk 
looks quite complicated and I think it would be the best to leave it in 
the ports, since they should know what is required to do.


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