Anyone mind to host an optional patch for a new port?

Christopher Nehren apeiron at
Sun May 23 00:31:56 PDT 2004

I'm currently working on making a port of PLP ( and
I have an optional, experimental patch that allows PLP to work with
mod_perl 2.x via its compatibility interface. Due to the highly
experimental nature of the patch, I don't want to include it as a
standard patch and want it to be specified as optional. From my
understanding of and from glancing at other ports
(mutt-devel helped me a lot), it appears that such patches need to be
retrieved from a remote site. I don't have the resources with which to
host this patch, so does anyone volunteer to host it? Or is there some
convenient port magic that I've missed that would allow me to store it
in files/ (which makes more sense to me, anyway -- obviates the
possibility of the patch going bye-bye when a server goes offline) ?
Thanks to anyone in advance, whether you offer a home for my patch or a

Best regards,
Christopher Nehren

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