FreeBSD Port: linux-opera-7.23.20031119

Tommy Scheunemann tommy.scheunemann at
Sat May 22 17:20:12 PDT 2004

>> Hi !
>> You're currently porting the Opera Browser to FreeBSD. This package 
>> includes a Wmconfig menu entry.
> Not anymore in 7.5, which I have disabled it. I can enable it back if you 
> want me to.

I think it's better to keep Wmconfig Entries in the Wmconfig Package. 
Users that don't want to use Wmconfig have no use for these menu entries. 
I think Flwm is the only Window Manager with an converter. The 
"mainstream" desktops like KDE or Gnome will ignore Wmconfig entries.

>> Since RedHat no longer develops this tool, I've continued. To be more BSD 
>> friendly, the configuration directory has moved to 
>> /usr/local/etc/X11/wmconfig.
>> As an alternative, you may remove the file and I will include it in 
>> Wmconfig.
> Well, I think www/opera might be the best choice to be part of this instead 
> linux-opera to include in Wmconfig. Because, both of them are native but you 
> can add both of them in Wmconfig as long you name it 'linux-opera'. Note 
> that, www/linux-opera is no longer in the name of 'opera' and have been 
> renamed to 'linux-opera' on everything such as ~/.linux-opera, binary, 
> datadir and etc.

Noticed. I have included sample configuration files from the Ports and I 
will change the menu entries.

> Cheers,
> Mezz

Tommy Scheunemann

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