Looking for a ports committer for valgrind (Re: Memory Leak)

Simon Barner barner at in.tum.de
Sat May 22 12:47:05 PDT 2004

> I just wanted to know what programs any of you have used to track down a
> memory leak in your programs?

this reminds me of something... :-/

I created a port for Doug Rabson's FreeBSD port[1] of valgrind [2]. He
considered my work ready for the ports tree, but he also said that that
he doesn't do any ports commits these days.

So, could somebody please have a look at the ports (there is a stable
and a development version of valgrind) to be found at [3]? If they get
committed, PR ports/65585 can be closed as well (also approved by Doug).

It's a pity that I forgot that excellent memory debugging tool, most
notably because all the work has already been done, and the ports were
only rotting around. :-(

Cole, in order two answer your question at least a little bit:
valgrind is great at detecting memory leaks and much more, e.g.
out-of-bound array access, ...


[f'up2 ports@ set]

[1] http://www.rabson.org/#valgrind
[2] http://valgrind.kde.org/
[3] http://home.leo.org/~barner/freebsd/valgrind/
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