FreeBSD ports that you maintain which are currently marked broken

Stefan Walter sw at
Fri May 21 09:00:50 PDT 2004

Stefan Walter, 19.05.04, 15:18h CEST:

> linimon at in gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports:
> > portname:           x11-toolkits/py-kde
> > broken because:     Checksum mismatch; will be removed after Feb 2
> > build errors:
> > (Apr 10 08:06:27 GMT 2004)
> > overview: 
> February 2nd is a while ago...;) But it probably doesn't have to be
> removed. If I have the time, I'll try to update the port to the latest
> version at the weekend. If anyone else has experience with the port and
> wants to do the update, let me know.

Updating the port fails at the moment because the new version doesn't
compile, which is a result of a bug in the current version of
devel/py-sip, according to [1]. I'll wait for the next update of that
program before I do the update.


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