heanet.dl.sf.net slowness

Matthias Andree ma at dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Fri May 21 02:01:40 PDT 2004

Christopher Nehren <apeiron at comcast.net> writes:

> Think we can change the first MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE site to
> something that yields > 10 kB/s? I really don't like having to redefine
> it in my /etc/make.conf. Thanks in advance.

Maybe a more general solution is to define that variable to include just
those sites you want, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

For me, heanet is way faster than aleron, I'm connected to Deutsche
Telekom backbone via DSL.

The reason is it depends on where you're connected.

It might be useful to have some topological switches to tell the ports
system where you're connected and prefer sites that are "close", maybe a
weighted randomization. An easier would be to reduce the large sites to
just those that are close to your location, network-wise.

Matthias Andree

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