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Rob stopspam at
Thu May 20 20:09:15 PDT 2004

Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>>> texconfig dvips paper letter
>> Can someone please tell me in detail how to make papersize default to a4?
>> I desperately need this, until the teTeX port gets fixed.
>> I can't print anymore, because my printer chokes on letter size!
>> Sorry, I'm not that much of an expert on teTeX configuration. That 
>> never bothered
>> me, since, until recently, teTeX always worked out-of-the-box.
> This is what I did.  First remove the directory /var/db/ports/teTeX and 
> contents, if it is there.  Now install the teTeX port, selecting all the 
> options (especially DVIPSK and XDVIK) to be on.  Next, go to 
> /usr/local/share/texmf/dvips/config/.  Copy to to 
>, and then edit deleting the first "%" at the 
> beginning of every line.  My guess is that at this point dvips should 
> now be a4, but if not, run the program texconfig and work your way 
> around the menus.

The first half of your advice helped me enough.
Out of curiosity, I tried to run texconfig, but that stops
    Could not find app-default file for xdvi.
    The program will exit now.
          [ OK ]

I'd rather said here "not OK" :). Alas.

Nevertheless, I have papersize a4 working now. Thanks!


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