Latest version of teTeX

Rob stopspam at
Thu May 20 18:25:11 PDT 2004

Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> I was looking at the very latest version of the teTeX port, 
> teTeX-2.0.2_4, and built it with the XDVIK and DVIPSK options set.  I 
> was wondering why there are the lines:
>         ${SED} -e 's,^\(o*\),%\1,' \
>                 < ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/ \
>                 > ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/
>         ${RM} -f ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/
> It basically means that the command:
> texconfig dvips paper letter

Can someone please tell me in detail how to make papersize default to a4?
I desperately need this, until the teTeX port gets fixed.
I can't print anymore, because my printer chokes on letter size!

Sorry, I'm not that much of an expert on teTeX configuration. That never bothered
me, since, until recently, teTeX always worked out-of-the-box.

Thanks so much.

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