portupgrade misbehavior

Akinori MUSHA knu at iDaemons.org
Thu May 20 03:00:37 PDT 2004

At Thu, 20 May 2004 02:55:35 -0400,
Adam McLaurin wrote:
> -# portupgrade -a -x "kdebase*" -x "apache*" -x "mod_php4*" -f galeon2

Separating it into the following two invocations will work:

# portupgrade -a -x "kdebase*" -x "apache*" -x "mod_php4*"
# portupgrade -f galeon2

> Why the h*ll did portupgrade try to recompile zsh? I can't think of any
> logical explanation for this behavior. Perhaps I am missing something
> simple here; or perhaps I stumbled across a bug in portupgrade (or even
> ruby) ?

It is because the -f flag is effective globally, it does not work just
against the following ones.  Only -m and -o are contextual.

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