FreeBSD Port: lyx-1.3.4 (broken by recent teTeX port updates)

Rob stopspam at
Thu May 20 02:22:05 PDT 2004

Rob wrote:
> Hi,
> Recent changes to the teTeX port, removes the capability of LyX
> to view documents in DVI and ps formats.
> In order to have this work, I had to do manually two things:
> 1) compile teTeX as
>        make WITH_XDVIK=yes
>    which will add to LyX viewing in DVI format.
> 2) install the print/dvipsk-tetex
>    this will add ps viewing of LyX document.
>    (Note: installing print/dvips will have conflicts with teTeX!).

Moreover, this dvips does not recognize any papersize. When I do

    dvips -t a4 ....

I will get

    dvips: no match for papersize

Any other reasonable alternatives for a4 will also fail and output is letter size.
This is quite troublesome!


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