FreeBSD Port: subversion-1.0.1

Max Clark max at
Wed May 19 14:49:48 PDT 2004


I am trying to install subversion via the port and I cannot for the life of
me get it to install correctly. Previously I was getting this error message:

You should build `www/apache2' with db4 support to use subversion with it.
Please, rebuild `www/apache2' with option `WITH_BERKELEYDB=(db4|db41|db42)'
and try again.

Which I couldn't get around via install options for the www/apache2 port, I
finally worked around it with this command line from devel/subversion:


But now I get this error:

cc: /usr/local/lib/apache2/.libs/ No such file or directory
cc: /usr/local/lib/apache2/.libs/ No such file or directory

Which I know is an error because the correct path should be

What do I need to do to install this port?


Uname -a:
FreeBSD 4.10-BETA FreeBSD 4.10-BETA #0: Wed Apr 21
18:41:25 UTC 2004     root at  i386

Version from devel/subversion/Makefile:
$FreeBSD: ports/devel/subversion/Makefile,v 1.61 2004/05/01 20:29:02 lev Exp

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