"Featured ports of the month"

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at aldan.algebra.com
Wed May 19 12:51:24 PDT 2004

On a related subject -- the most popular ports.

The simplest is to just collect and publish download statistics as
collected by ftp.FreeBSD.org and the major mirrors?

More complex, but interesting would be to have ``make install'' send
an icmp (or udp) packet somewhere describing as much as the admin
wants it to describe -- from merely the portname (default) to "the
works" -- including portversion, build options, `uname -a`.

The reporting program (say, portreport) can be a port in itself. Once
it is installed, installing any port will automaticly invoke it. The
aggregated results can be published on a web-site.

A sample portreport.conf can read (TCL's syntax):

	set MyID	mi+[info hostname]@aldan.algebra.com
	# icmp is easier on the Net, but may not be allowed
	# through by your firewall:
	set proto	icmp	;#	udp
	# Possible fields: portname, version, options (if the port has any)
	# uname (output of `uname -a`), arch (ie i386, amd64):
	set report	{ portname version options arch }
	set host	portreport.FreeBSD.org
	# List any ports, you don't want reported (glob-style templates Ok):
	set dontreport	{ security/* }


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