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Peter Ulrich Kruppa root at pukruppa.de
Wed May 19 06:53:07 PDT 2004

On Wed, 19 May 2004, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> Here's an idea I just had (while pondering whether the x2x port is the
> most useful X tool ever):
> The ports collection is so large thesedays that it can be hard to find
> something unless you already have some idea about what you're looking
> for.  However those of us who have been using FreeBSD for a while tend
> to have picked up a collection of ports that are now essential for our
> day-to-day FreeBSD use.
> It would be a nice project to publicize these a bit.  For example, we
> could ask users to submit a write-up of ports that they find
> remarkable or useful, explaining briefly what the port does and why
> it's cool or useful to them.  Once a month or so a selection of these
> could be posted on the website.
Nice idea, sourceforge.net does something like this and one
always gets good hints for something new to test.



> This project would need one or more coordinators, to solicit
> submissions from users as needed, select the items for publication and
> update the webpages.
> Is anyone interested in taking this on?
> Kris

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