FreeBSD ports that you maintain which are currently marked broken

Stefan Walter sw at
Tue May 18 16:12:32 PDT 2004

A few comments about what I have looked at so far (unfetchable ports

linimon at in gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports:

> portname:           games/robocode
> broken because:     Unfetchable
> build errors:
> (Apr 16 04:17:01 GMT 2004)
> overview: 

The FTP server doesn't send size information about the distfile. I sent
a PR with a patch; it seems to be somewhere in the queue, I haven't
received a reply from GNATS, yet.

> portname:           misc/biblereader
> broken because:     Does not fetch
> build errors:
> (May 12 13:51:59 GMT 2004)
> overview: seems to be the new home page. The
download page links to .gz files, the port wants .bz2; I have never used
that program, so I couldn't compare the archives' contents even if
connections to the FTP server the download page links to didn't time

> portname:           security/siphon
> broken because:     Does not fetch
> build errors:       none.
> overview:  seems to have the missing file, but access
to it is forbidden. I mailed the responsible person. and various other sources indicate
the project's dead, though.

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