FreeBSD Port: postfix-2.1.1 with TLS and SASL

Vivek Khera vivek at
Mon May 17 07:32:06 PDT 2004

On May 16, 2004, at 1:45 AM, Tim McCullagh wrote:

> I have been trying to perform an upgrade install from 2.0.19 to the new
> postfix port 2.1 with TLS and SASL on a freebsd 4.9 machine

i have heard that the current TLS patch may not edit the file 
to add the necessary tlsmgr entry.  please check that is there.  
otherwise I don't know what my be wrong.  all the port does for you is 
apply the patches as if you were building it all by hand, so perhaps 
the TLS list/author may have ideas.

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