understanding latest audio/faad update

Kay Lehmann kay_lehmann at web.de
Sun May 16 17:00:41 PDT 2004

Pav Lucistnik wrote:
> V so, 15. 05. 2004 v 08:48, Kay Lehmann píše:
>>I need some explanation about latest faad-update regarding it's new 
>>introduced default dependency on multimedia/mpeg4ip. As far as I see 
>>there mpeg4ip has a conflict defined on faad:
>>--- multimedia/mpeg4ip/Makefile
>>CONFLICTS=      faad*
>>So now I am asking myself, if it is wise to define mpeg4ip as default 
>>dependency in faad, while faad is defined as a conflict in mpeg4ip. Is 
>>this just something temporary? If it is not wouldn't it be much more 
>>consistent to make internal mpeg4ip the default for faad? Am I missing 
> Yay, yes, that line should have gone away with latest faad update.
> It's gone now.
Ah, I thought already I have misunderstood something. As far as I can 
see, the note about faad in UPDATING should be extended since the 
movement from internal to external mpeg4ip will cause some problems, 
when people use portupgrade to do this:
mpeg4ip will be installed as dependency for faad and overwrites some 
files from the old faad-port. When portupgrade deinstall faad for 
updating it will erase these files accordingly and they will be missing 
after the upgrade (quite similar to the problems with kde-update we had 
in the past because of some files, which had been moved from kdenetworks 
to base or was it the other way? don't remember).
I think this scenario won't happen, because mpeg4ip will fail during 
compilation (it seems to be using the headers from old faad port, if it 
is installed), but telling portupgrade-users about this would be much 
cleaner, than just to note to deinstall faad if upgrading it fails.

Thanks and greetings,

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