Virus found in sent message "Re: Here is the document"

System Anti-Virus Administrator admin at
Sun May 16 14:41:14 PDT 2004

Attention: ports at

A Virus was found in an Email message you sent. 
This Email scanner intercepted it and stopped the entire message
reaching it's destination. 

The Virus was reported to be: 

 the W32/Netsky.d at MM virus !!!

Please update your virus scanner or contact your I.T support 
personnel as soon as possible as you have a virus on your system.

Your message was sent with the following envelope:

MAIL FROM: ports at
RCPT TO:   graca at 

... and with the following headers:

From:    ports at
To:      graca at
Subject: Re: Here is the document
Date:    Sun, 16 May 2004 22:41:04 +0100

The original message is kept in:


where the System Anti-Virus Administrator can further diagnose it.

The Email scanner reported the following when it scanned that message:


---uvscan results ---
Scanning /var/spool/qmailscan/ptm-1108474367037825389/*
Scanning file /var/spool/qmailscan/ptm-1108474367037825389/1084743672.25394-0.ptm-1
Scanning file /var/spool/qmailscan/ptm-1108474367037825389/document_full.pif
        Found the W32/Netsky.d at MM virus !!!
Scanning /var/spool/qmailscan/working/new/ptm-1108474367037825389
Scanning file /var/spool/qmailscan/working/new/ptm-1108474367037825389
        Found the W32/Netsky.d.eml!exe virus !!!


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