Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Sat May 15 05:52:54 PDT 2004

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> Dear port maintainers,
> The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
> LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
> LATEST_LINK or suppressed using NO_LATEST_LINK, to avoid overwriting
> each other in the packages/Latest directory.  If your ports conflict with
> ports maintained by another person, please coordinate your efforts with
> them.

Kris, please don't suggest using NO_LATEST_LINK. Just recommend to set
LATEST_LINK to a unique value, so that pkg_add -r ${LATEST_LINK} works.
Most port committers don't use packages, so this feature is not widely


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