FreeBSD Port: p3scan-1.0

Thomas Müller thomas.muh at
Fri May 14 10:55:26 PDT 2004


I have a problem running p3scan on my FreeBSD 5.2.1 BOX.
I think you have done the patches for a box running ipfw
but i´m using the OpenBSD pf as a kernel module.

The problem:

May 15 19:09:30 router p3scan[694]: Connection from 
May 15 19:09:30 router p3scan[694]: Real-server adress is 
May 15 19:09:30 router p3scan[694]: Oops, that would loop! <--
May 15 19:09:30 router kernel: pid 694 (p3scan), uid 1002: exited on signal
May 15 19:09:30 router p3scan[694]: Session done (Critial abort). Mails: 0
Bytes: 0 
May 15 19:09:30 router p3scan[590]: Attention: child with pid 694 died with
abnormal termsignal (11)! This is probably a bug. Please report to the
author. numprocs is now 1 

After my pf does some nat the "real-server-adress" would not be corectly
fetched from
the kernel. T think because of the pf is only a kernel module.

I have watch out the patch-p3scan.c but i´m not good in programming c.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot and sorry because of the bad english


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