FreeBSD Port: gnucash-1.8.8

Stuart Quimby stuq at
Fri May 14 08:45:17 PDT 2004

Hi to whomever (gnome?)

I've been running into a fatal bug running gnucash that the folks on the 
#gnucash irc channel tell me has been fixed in the 1.8.9 release.  I've got 
some of my company financial data tied up in gnucash that I now can't get to.  
I'm wondering if you might have a release schedule for getting 1.8.9 into 
ports and if so when that might be?

Thanks in advance.

Stuart Quimby

Stuart Quimby
Pres. Design Science Toys, Ltd.
172 Pleasant Vale Rd.
Tivoli, NY  12583
845.756.4221  (fax)4223
stuq at

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