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Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Fri May 14 07:52:39 PDT 2004

Hiroki Sato wrote:

> should be created by ${PKGINSTALL} script if ${WITH_DVIPSK}
>  is defined.  Wasn't it created in your environment?

No it wasn't.  And looking inside the teTeX Makefile, it is not clear to 
me how it should have been created.

Also, if I create the teTeX port without WITH_XDVIK being defined, then 
the texconfig command simply does not work, it has an error message to 
the effect that some kind of xdvi config file could not be read.

Also, I have a problem with WITH_DVIPSK and WITH_XDVIK being undefined 
by default.  This means that when the next set of packages is made, the 
user who installs teTeX from the packages will not have xdvi or dvips 
installed.  This will come as a surprize.  So then he will install the 
xdvi package, which it seems is incompatible with teTeX.  So then he 
realises that he should install the xdvik package - well this would take 
some guesswork - I mean, why the "k"? So then he looks around for the 
dvipsk package in vain.  And having xdvik installed, the texconfig 
command is still not working.

It seems to me that the teTeX program is designed so that dvips and xdvi 
are built with it, and any attempts to modify the build procedure should 
be done with extreme care.



Stephen Montgomery-Smith
stephen at

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