FreeBSD Port: bacula-1.32f5 -> 1.3.4 updating destroys prior bacula conf files

LarsKöller lars.koeller at
Fri May 14 00:22:59 PDT 2004


In reply to Ben Bangert who wrote:
> On May 13, 2004, at 10:11 PM, Lars Köller wrote:
> > There is a problem in the portssystem and portupdate to handle conf
> > files with a different MD5 sum correctly.
> >
> > I miss to bypass this in the port of bacula up to 1.32f5. No a
> > workaround is implemented.
> >
> > The problem only occur with portupdrade, not make deinstall and
> > pkg_delete! The last one are my way to upgrade such an complex thing
> > like bacula, which holds all by important data .....
> >
> > But I think after this nice email of you it's time to give the
> > maintainership over to you to make it much better. Can you imagine how
> > much work it is to stay with current versions of bacula and test the
> > various possible configurations basically?
> Sorry Lars. I was rather frustrated by having the files removed. Since 
> it had never happened before with any other port, during any other 
> portupgrade I've ever encountered, I assumed there was a standard port 

Yes, I understand this. I've found this "error" in the port late cause 
I rarely use portupgrade for this port. Another problem was, that when 
you have config files in plave and the port was not installed, the 
problem did not occur!

However the main problem is that portuprade has to delete packages 
complete (pkg_delete -f), so the MD5 checksum mismatch will be ignored.

This is a basic problem in the ports system. The workaround is to 
install config files as ...conf.sample (actually a move in the ports 

> template that took care of this. I'm also wondering about the version 
> issue. Portupgrade upped me to 1.3.4, not 1.32f5 as you mentioned. Is 
> 1.3.4 maintained by you?

# New ports collection makefile for:    bacula
# Date created:                         24 February 2003
# Whom:                                 Dmitry Sivachenko <demon at>
# $FreeBSD: ports/sysutils/bacula/Makefile,v 1.19 2004/05/11 06:45:46 lkoeller Exp $

PORTNAME=       bacula
PORTVERSION=    1.34.2
CATEGORIES=     sysutils

> It isn't so much that the files were wiped, I just was expecting a 
> notification of it. I've been using ports for years, and portupgrade 
> for quite awhile too, never had a portupgrade wipe a file. Many people 
> use portupgrade, so I was under the assumption it would be tested with 
> it. It took me several hours to rebuild my bacula catalog so I could 
> restore my old config files.

I have had this problem du to different reasons since years and have an 
own very simple CVS for all config files in the system.

> Many assumptions involved, obviously some weren't warranted.
> Sorry again Lars,

It's o.k. I understand that you are disgruntle.



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