making packages

Sven Esbjerg esbjerg at
Thu May 13 12:52:17 PDT 2004

I'm playing around with the ports system and decided to use make package
feature to create my own package repository for use on several machines.
I'm using RELEASE-5.2.1 on all machines.

I have a central building machine where I build all packages. So far I'm
having lots of problems. 

make package-recursive doesn't allways build all the dependant packages

pkg_add has a problem with ' in filenames (fixed in STABLE and HEAD) - I
patched my own pkg_add and now this works :)

when making a package from gettext it only includes the man pages even though
plist specifies the correct files??? make install installs all the files

something is fuxed with xml
when I try to install gnome packages they allmost allways depend on docbook
stuff - xmlcatmgr complains about corrupted xml-files and missing files and
the exits.

so my question is - are packages something that should be working from a
current portstree or? 
is it worth taking the time to hunt the bugs down an report them?

-- - på forhånd tak.

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