Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Wed May 12 16:25:10 PDT 2004

Andre LaBranche wrote:

> Greetings :)
> Any chance of getting a newer phpnuke in ports? It won't install due to 
> the SQL injection vuln warning.
> Thanks!
> -Andre

You could send-pr an update, see

OTOH, the web site says:

  "PHP-Nuke 7.3 FINAL Released

  PHP-Nuke 7.3 Final version has been released for Club members. This version 
  includes the new phpBB Forums port version 2.0.8 and several bugs fixed, 
  many security issues has been solved, ..."

So it is unlikely that the "free" 7.2 version (with known security issues?)
will be acceptable in our ports tree. You might make a manually downloadable
port of 7.3, or just use a product with a decent license and security history.


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