Vivek Khera vivek at
Mon May 10 09:11:24 PDT 2004

On May 6, 2004, at 2:22 PM, David Rigler wrote:

> /usr/ports/mail/postfix on FreeBSD 5.2.1
> should that work ?? it doesnt on my system
> or rather having chosen the replace sendmail option by editing rc.conf 
> the /etc/rc.d/sendmail script only  works for start, the 
> stop,reload,restart etc dont work

If you read further down in the pkg-message file it says this:

Alternatively to the above settings, you can enable postfix to start 
the other local services, for example, after your database server 
starts if
you need it to be running for postfix.  To do this, set in your rc.conf 


Then make the following symbolic link:

cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d
ln -s /usr/local/sbin/postfix

perhaps this is what it should be for 5.x freebsd.  I'll update the 
commentary to not that this is what you really want to do.  this is 
what I do...

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