current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot fails on messages

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck-lists at
Sun May 9 15:27:15 PDT 2004

* Tim Bishop <tim at> [gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports]:

> Sorry - a late reply to this thread.
> I maintain the f-prot port, and the definitions for it. I like to think 
> I keep the f-prot up-to-date as best I can (currently it's one minor 
> revision behind, and there's a PR waiting to sort that out).
> However, the definitions are a harder thing to solve. The f-prot guys 
> update the definitions on an almost daily basis. Should I be updating 
> the port that often? I suspect not. A better strategy would be for users 
> of the port to keep the definitions up-to-date manually.

How about adding an example script to the port that fetches the updated
signatures and that can be customized and cron(8)'ed by the administrator
as desired? (Since I do not use these ports I do not know whether such a
script is already supplied either by the port or by the vendor.)

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