current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot fails on messages

Tim Bishop tim at
Sun May 9 14:57:59 PDT 2004

Rick Updegrove wrote:

> The current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot both scanning for
> viruses fails on 4 of the messages.

> Lastly, my point is these "ports" are all current according to 
> "portupgrade -rva" and have current virus definitions yet the 
> combination allow viruses to get through.  This seems somewhat relevant 
> to FreeBSD ports to me.
> So now that we have cleared up a few things, who wants to discuss a 
> strategy to maintain an effective FreeBSD virus-scanner port for qmail?

Sorry - a late reply to this thread.

I maintain the f-prot port, and the definitions for it. I like to think 
I keep the f-prot up-to-date as best I can (currently it's one minor 
revision behind, and there's a PR waiting to sort that out).

However, the definitions are a harder thing to solve. The f-prot guys 
update the definitions on an almost daily basis. Should I be updating 
the port that often? I suspect not. A better strategy would be for users 
of the port to keep the definitions up-to-date manually.

A good middle ground (which I'm trying to do a better job of) is 
updating the definitions when a "big" virus goes around. I guess I could 
also try and update them if they haven't been updated in a "while".

Any thoughts?


Tim Bishop
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