KMail Unable to send mail...

Gerard Samuel junk at
Sun May 9 07:07:43 PDT 2004

I just upgraded to KDE 3.2.2 from ports, and installed kdepim3 from ports,
to get kmail.
Kmail, never gave me problems before, but now, Im unable to send mail, 
but I can
receive mail with kmail.
Whenever Im sending mail, I usually get ->
Sending failed:
Your SMTP server doesn't support authentication.
The server responded: "Error: command not implemented"

In my maillog, Im getting ->
May  9 10:03:05 hivemind postfix/smtpd[34644]: connect from[]
May  9 10:03:06 hivemind postfix/smtpd[34644]: lost connection after 
EHLO from[]

I can send mail via the commandline, and mozilla.
Can anyone direct me, to a fix if you know about it.


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