Eclipse CDT port

Jeremy Faulkner gldisater at
Sat May 8 14:26:50 PDT 2004

Sean McNeil wrote:
> I saw the posting of a shar to add the Eclipse C/C++ Tools to the ports
> collection.  Unfortunately, I can only see it in html and would like
> very much to install it.  Could you please send me the shar directly? 
> Alternatively, it could get added to ports and I'd be very happy :)
> Thanks,
> Sean

I don't know what problem you are encountering. The shar file is in the 

All of the text in the Fix section *is* the shar file.

"--- eclipse-cdt.shar begins here ---"
"--- eclipse-cdt.shar ends here ---"

Cut and past everything from the begin marker, to the end marker 
inclusive into a file, then you too will have the shar file.
Jeremy Faulkner

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