lang/php4 and --enable-sysvmsg

Andy Smith andy at
Fri May 7 15:56:56 PDT 2004


This week I was looking at an application which uses sysv message
queues from within PHP.  So, I go to add this support to my PHP, and
I can't seem to work out how.

The port's configure script does have an --enable-sysvmsg option,
but this is not provided as an option in the port configuration
process, nor is it in the Makefile (in contrast to sysvshm or

$ grep sysvmsg Makefile 
$ grep sysvsem Makefile 
$ grep sysvshm Makefile 

Is there some reason for this (like maybe sysv message queues don't
work on FreeBSD), or is it just that no one uses it?

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