S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Fri May 7 12:15:31 PDT 2004

I have been in correspondence with the author of the above package
concerning slight problems and 1 bug I have discovered.

He has offered me a patchfile, which I will try as soon as I can
discover where the source files are.  You will have gathered from this
that I am a relative FreeBSD noob.

However, he has also released a new version,  Here are his words:

If you do, you might let them know that I just put out 0.90.1-beta with
this patch and more.  (Hopefully I haven't just caused more bugs than
I've fixed.)


Thanks.  Please let me know if I am breaking any procedural protocol
here by bypassing the ports team.

Warm regards.
"Not Hercules could have knock'd out his brains, for he had none."
-- Shakespeare

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