FreeBSD Port: mjpegtools-1.6.1_2

Kay Lehmann kay_lehmann at
Fri May 7 00:29:47 PDT 2004


Marc Smith wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to use mjpegtools with transcode and it can not find 
> '' or '' and I was under the 
> impression these came with mjpegtools. 

No, I think they come with transcode. Supporting mjpegtools is an option 
of transcode:
.if exists(${LOCALBASE}/include/mjpegtools/yuv4mpeg.h)
WITH_MJPEG=     yes


.if defined(WITH_MJPEG)
LIB_DEPENDS+=   lavplay-1.6.1:${PORTSDIR}/multimedia/mjpegtools
PLIST_SUB+=     WITH_MJPEG="@comment "


> I poked around on Google a little 
> bit and it seems RedHat users have the same problem with these libs not 
> coming with the RPM of mjpegtools. I was wondering if this is also true 
> for FreeBSD and if so, is there a way to make it so it does install these?
> Thanks for your time.
> Marc

So you have two options to get it working:
1. Install mjpegtools and build transcode from ports
2. build transcode with 'make WITH_MJPEG=yes'


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