FreeBSD Port: anope-1.6.2

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Thu May 6 11:39:10 PDT 2004

+-Le 06/05/2004 19:02 +0100, angelic a dit :
| Hi Matt,

Only one t will do ;-)

| You seem to have the Anope development team quite excited by adding us to
| your port system.
| Firstly thank you for supporting and acknowledging the anope project.
| Secondly I would like to post an announcement about this on our website
| and wondered if you minded.

Not at all, go ahead.

If you, or the anope community have any hints on how to make the FreeBSD
anope port better, just tell me :-)

I made this port because I run the irc network and we use
anope && freebsd :-)

Mathieu Arnold
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