openwebmail fails with SpeedyCGI

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Tue May 4 03:48:25 PDT 2004

alexander botov wrote:

> I use openwebmail from the ports tree and recently i've upgraded it to 
> 2.30 version with portupgrade . The default compiling options have 
> SpeedyCGI perl support (www/p5-CGI-SpeedyCGI). When I tried to test 
> the web interface i got following error in httpd-error.log :  
Eeh no idea because it works at my site:
OS    FreeBSD 4.10-BETA i386
PERL    5.00503
WebMail    Open WebMail 2.30 20040103 ( Persistence )

But I did a fresh install and not a upgrade from a previous version, 
because I installed it at a new mail server, maybe that I can assisted 
you with comparing you're install with mine?


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