portupgrade failure for vim-6.2.521

Michael Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Mon May 3 14:46:07 PDT 2004

* Rajamani, Rajarajan (Rajarajan) <rrajarajan at lucent.com> [040503 16:18]:
> I have vim-6.2.383 and am using portupgrade to upgrade to 
> 6.2.251 and am getting the error given below.
> Is it due the space after prefix=  ?
> Did anyone else see a problem similar to this ?

The problem is that the src/po directory has no Makefile in it, but the
configure process for vim tries to "cd po ; make clean".

It's possible to build the port (without portupgrade) by doing a 'make
patc && rm -rf work/vim62/src/p && make'.   Don't forget whatever WITH_*
flags  you want vim built with.

The problem looks like it was introduced by the official patch from 501
-> 502, where blank language files are created in an otherwise
non-existant po/ directory regardless of any other options you select.
The "clean" option then checks for the existance of po/ and tries to
recurse into it to clean it out.  Everywhere else in the Makefile it
explicitly does a [test -f $(PODIR)/Makefile] but in the clean: target
it doesn't.  *shrug*

(BTW: I'm sure other people already know the answer to this but why
doesn't the author EVER reroll the distribution tarball? 538 patches is
just a bit nuts :x )

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