Kerberized services after Heimdal port install

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Mon May 3 09:22:21 PDT 2004

I did the port install of Heimdal-0.6 and now find my /usr/bin/login and
/usr/bin/su are no longer present. Getting an error when trying to login
on the FreeBSD 5.2.1 box because it cannot find the /usr/bin/login. I
did a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin/login and that fix it. Also,
startup scripts, such as, is prompting for a Kerberos
password. I assume this is because the port installed Kerberized
versions of these files including 'su'. Is there are way to get back the
non-Kerberized version for use with startup scripts, etc? How can I get
the startup script for amavisd-new, for instance, to not prompt for a
Kerberos password when starting? Or is there some other way I should
handle this?


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