New category `lingo'?

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Sun May 2 14:18:42 PDT 2004

Will Andrews wrote:
> On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 06:18:36PM +0200, Oliver Eikemeier wrote:
>>One thing that you can do though is to create a new category `lingo' which
>>will host all ports that refer to an port of another language, and then
>>leave out this category togehter with all other language ports. The might
>>help category misc too, which has too many ports anyway.
>>Since this seems to be an often requested feature, I can compile a list
>>of ports the move if there is enough interest.
> I don't think this is a good idea... we're always going to have
> some exceptions.  We should simply require people to sync the
> whole tree... it's not that big of a deal to do this.

Anyway, it might make sense to move textproc/??-aspell, misc/koffice-i18n-??
and misc/kde3-i18n-??, maybe editors/openoffice-1.0- and www/frontpage-?? too.


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