FreeBSD Port: p5-OpenCA-REQ-0.9.52

Hacker, Ben (US SSA) ben.hacker at
Wed Mar 31 07:08:31 PST 2004

Thank you so much for your reply!

I did not know there were more modules!

What steps do you suggest I take at this time?  

I have installed a system FBSD-5.2.1 and installed OpenSSL, Apache w/mod_ssl.

I was planning to install OpenLDAP today.

Should I just download the source code from the OpenCA site and attempt a manual install?

If so can you make any suggestions as to what steps I should follow?  I have installed directly from source before on Linux.  

Thanks again!

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Hacker, Ben (US SSA) wrote:

>   I want to install OpenCA but I only find the 4 perl modules...?

Please, be patient :)

I'll finish importing the rest of modules in the nearest time.

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