FreeBSD Port: p5-OpenCA-REQ-0.9.52

Hacker, Ben (US SSA) ben.hacker at
Tue Mar 30 14:41:35 PST 2004

Hello Sir,

  I want to install OpenCA but I only find the 4 perl modules...?

				CRL Management module
				Perl extention to handle CRR objects
				Perl extension for basic handling PKCS
				Perl extension to easily manage Cert REQUESTs

I have read the Open CA manual but couldn't figure out if I should install each of the ports (Apache w/Mod-SSL; OpenLDAP) on my own before installing the ports listed above.

I want to install on FBSD 5.2.1 Release.  Of course Perl and OpenSSH are already installed.  

If I install the Apache, OpenLDAP and the for perl modules listed above is this all there is to OpenCA on FreeBSD??


Ben Hacker Jr
 Sr Security Analyst
 BAE / Abbtech
 Ph: 703-418-8004
 Email: ben.hacker at

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