Need help debugging apr port

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Mon Mar 29 15:58:08 PST 2004


I am trying to fix the apr port.
There have been some recent changes to the autoconf
and libtool in the ports Makefile rules which is causing problems.

Question 1:
  How can I reproduce the jail environment that bento uses
  to build a port, i.e. I want the jail to have no ports installed,
  so that when I build the port, the necessary dependent packages will
  be installed.

Question 2:
  If autoconf-2.57 is installed, it looks like there is only
  a binary /usr/local/bin/autoconf257 installed, and not /usr/local/bin/autoconf.
  The apr port is expecting a binary named autoconf.

  How do people typically deal with this problem?

The full build logs are here:

Craig Rodrigues
rodrigc at

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