openssl.3 dependency in can be satisfied by buggy base system openssl

Bill Fenner fenner at
Mon Mar 29 10:23:46 PST 2004

>All ports using openssl will require openssl from ports,
>if your opensll in CURRENT/STABLE/RELEASE base system
>is not patched.
>Security: version in base must be 0.9.7d or have fixes

So, I have a buggy version in base.  All ports that need openssl
get dependencies on openssl-0.9.7d, but that port isn't actually
installed.  The problem is:


fenestro% ls /usr/lib/*
/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

This /usr/lib/ is version 0.9.7c from the FreeBSD 4.9
base system, but it satisfies the port LIB_DEPENDS=crypto.3 .

I realize I can install the openssl port to fix my system, but the
mechanism for deciding which SSL to use in the ports system is


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