Revisited: firefox and xemacs locking up/crashing "in pairs"???

Kaarthik Sivakumar kaarthik at
Sun Mar 28 21:41:42 PST 2004

>>> "PG" == Palle Girgensohn <girgen at> writes:
PG> Hi,
PG> Remember this old thread? It's been a while, I've been running
PG> firebird 0.6.1, rock stable, since higher versions crash.

PG> I just updated firefox again, to 0.8_4, to see if this has
PG> changed, and I think I have pinned down what causes the error,
PG> although I still can't understand why.

PG> It is the bitmapped fonts from the XFree86-75dpi | 100dpi
PG> packages, that firefox cannot stand. Removing those directories
PG> from the system's root fonts.cache-1 file makes the problem go
PG> away.

PG> Details:

PG> Firefox >= 0.7 crashes often, and sometimes xemacs freezes as this
PG> happens.

PG> I have a standard X setup (well right now the X server is 3.3.99
PG> snap, but it wasn't before, and this has nothing to do with it). I
PG> use xfs for serving all fonts, but this seems also to be beside
PG> the point - AFAIKT, firefox uses fontconfig/freetype2 and not X
PG> for font rendering, right?

If fontconfig/freetype2 is one of the suspects here, then I am not
sure why XEmacs should freeze. XEmacs doesnt use either. Unless you
are using the patch floating around that makes XEmacs use Xft or
fontconfig, I am not sure which. When this freeze happens, does XEmacs
return to life? Does changing the XEmacs' default font using Options
menu cause it to not freeze? Sorry, I am approaching this from the
XEmacs' side and not Firefox's, and I am not sure how useful that is
for you.

I use XEmacs 21.5 (although I compiled from source, without the patch)
and linux-mozillafirebird 0.7 and I dont see this problem.



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