Exmh Stopped Using PGP

Bruce A. Mah bmah at acm.org
Sat Mar 27 23:06:57 PST 2004

If memory serves me right, Dave Tweten wrote:
> Sorry for the delay in responding.  A week of vacation and a failed hard 
> disk took their toll.  Thank God for backups!

Occasionally, I need some event like this to remind me why backups are 
a good idea.  :-p


> That leaves me most suspicious of the FreeBSD ports upgrades I was doing 
> when Exmh stopped dealing with PGP5.  Obvious suspects include
> >         + lang/tcl84 (tcl-8.4.5,1)
> >         + x11-toolkits/tk84 (tk-8.4.5,1)
> and maybe (but it's a streach)
> >         + mail/metamail (metamail-2.7_1)

I don't have any insight to lend to this but I thought I should at least
write something.  I can't think of anything recent that I did to mail/
exmh2 that might make it break pgp5.

(Errr...that's assuming that you installed exmh from the ports 

You mentioned in your original email that exmh wasn't being 
updated, but I saw where you updated both lang/tcl84 and x11-toolkits/
tk84.  The only recent change I remember making to mail/exmh2 was to 
convert it to use Tcl/Tk 8.4 rather than Tcl/Tk 8.3.  There isn't 
anything to connect this to your PGP 5 problem, but I thought I'd 
mention this anyways.


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