OO-1.1.1RC1, russian, RTF

Nakata Maho chat95 at mac.com
Fri Mar 26 17:49:49 PST 2004

In Message-ID: <20040318140519.GA44551 at srv.sem.ipt.ru> 
"Boris B. Samorodov" <bsam at srv.sem.ipt.ru> wrote:

> Hello, everybody!
> I use mashine running FreeBSD-5.2.1-RELEASE. Compilation
> and installation OO-1.1.1RC1 from ports was fine. Not to
> say known (?) problem with gtk warning after compilation.

This is not a our problem. OOo uses gtk at *only* crash reporter,
and discussion is still on going at OOo ML, namely we should
include gtk tar balls into OOo source or not.
--nakata maho

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